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African kids with AKs and 663 million bucks. Scam STO Bolton Coin.


The fraudsters are already into new hype – STO. Learn how to check these startups for inconsistencies with legal norms.


STO (Security token offering) right now is called the only right solution for startups on the Blockchain. After all, ICO (Initial coin offering) already pissed everyone off with their idle mess and super high probability of scam.


In a nutshell, why STO wins over ICO in investors’ money safety. STO is tokenized securities. And buying them, you become the company shareholder. This is not an ICO, where the shitcoins could only generate income due to speculation on the stock exchanges. In all other cases, these were chewing gum wrappers with doodled Lambos. You eat gum and left a  wrapper. But it will never be real Lambo.

With proper investment in STO, the chances for Lambo are bigger. And in the case of the fraud from startups’ founders, pretty authoritative offices will mediate for you like SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission).


But there are a few “but”:

– You can’t invest in STO if your annual income is less than 200 thousand bucks

– You don’t have $ 1 million bucks worth of real estate.

– Your organization doesn’t own assets for 5 million bucks


That is why, dear schoolers, giveaway-guys, and unemployed cryptoshitters, in  STO there’s no chance for you.


So does it mean that shitcoin era over? Long live transparent and honest Blockchain?


Judging by STO Bolton Coin —  no fucking way:)

Let’s start with the fact that Bolton Coin is a subsidiary of Bolton Holdings Limited. Here is their official website. You won’t understand shit from it, except that the guys are based in Dubai. And they have a very odd email address.

Another Bolton Holdings in the Bahamas.

And in Wales.

As for Bolton Coin, the website is located in Switzerland. The company that produces tokens is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Let’s agree that all this looks too odd for a company that decided to obey the laws and make investors happy?


From this video, you absolutely can’t understand what the company offers. Brokers, calls, stocks – everything and nothing in particular. But the first screen of the landing page shows us that the startup has collected some long money.

And you need to hurry up to jump into the outgoing train. Just look at this calculator of pure happiness. From my experience, that this is a strong indicator of a scam project. A common thing for shitcoin startups.

According to the economic model (like many other things, you can find it in whitepaper), the startup founders say that they have found the best and most cost-effective conditions for miners (we already heard this somewhere). And STO doesn’t hold for citizens of China and the United States.

Stop! Such formulation tells us that this is not the STO we mentioned at the beginning of the post. It turns out that here everything is written in water, and hit up lemmings won’t be able to prove anything later. LOL

Bla bla bla. The reward for spam, loud statements about smart, cheap, and stable things. My God, there isn’t a single sentence without a scam stamp!


And yet, Bolton Coin outlined 3 areas they will make money in. The first is real estate. The guys claim that the market continues to grow, and they know where to invest in. And in general, they will earn all the money in the world because they will pay for real estate in cryptocurrency. That’s it. It turns out that a room in Manhattan costs more if you pay for it with XRP:)


The second area is mining.

The guys drew a picture but forgot that to mine crypto in a bear market is not very profitable. But just like the scammers from Swiss Alps Mining, this doesn’t stop them. They claim to have the most advanced knowledge of energy saving, video card cooling, and other stuff. Of course, without any clarification. Why, if they will find losers anyway?

The third area is mining in Africa. Now 10-year-old kids will go into the mines to get cobalt under the supervision of AKs engraving with Bolton Coin name on them. This wasn’t in the whitepaper. But there is no additional information. Just everything we already knew: cheap labor, resource-rich land, and so on.

In total, guys want to collect 663 million dollars. 30% of the total amount will go to every of the three areas. The remaining 10% is for other expenses.

For investors, there are three options for doing business. It looks like a deposit in a bank —  the more you hodl, the higher the percentage of accrual.

And here they draw the California dream of hustling.

But how the fuck cryptocurrency is related here? Why is there a Blockchain? It looks like the prospector are going to Alaska, and the whalers are going after Moby Dick and collecting money for these expeditions. So how does this fucking mess differ from other ICOs?

Looks like there’s no difference at all. And this is not an STO but a big fat scam. If you didn’t have enough of the previous arguments, look – this is how the project founder’s LinkedIn profile looks like.

An Instagram account is also deleted. Only facebook account works. And most likely was created for the start of the project.

The other team members have same story. The former COO, for example, didn’t even mention relation to Bolton Coin. But we can guess the nature of his activities — something in between Drake and Godfrey.

The Chief of Advisors and the Chief Legality Business worked together on the already dead UMC project.  Interestingly, how many people were hit up for money there?


And finally, attention please, telegram channel of the project that collected almost 100 million bucks and plans to collect another 500. This is the STO we deserve.

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