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Any progress requires resources. Right now we are keeping the project alive with our own money. But we could use some help. That is why we have created wallets for donations.

You can send your crypto here:

Bitcoin: 1Q5je9QK3maYPT3rNgdBrbA8eiUwEuwQ9i

BCash (yeah, that too): qzdkdqga35nxn7klmxh57dl6yh9l3rhe3s7uy2kczx

Ethereum: 0x0c870e3c162097D3600e710109139C766a594E7d

Besides this, we’re ready to accept applications for placing banner ads and paid publications.

But, each member of Shitcoinoffering promises to ad here to the following rules:

Each paid article will be posted with a “sponsored” tag. Without exceptions, even for Roger Ver 🙂 In the case of ICO advertising, we will conduct thorough research. If it looks like a scam, it will automatically get posted to our website, probably without a positive description, but definitely for free. The same rules apply for banner ads. We are already writing positive articles. It’s a big responsibility, but we’re already feeling confident about it. Never and for no amount of money will we harm the crypto investor. We will try to keep up with conducting researches of popular ICOs before the sale phase. Everything that is known to us, is known to our readers: this is our key motto, until the end of time.

In blockchain we trust!

Brown List Updates

Coming soon!

ICO Updates

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