About Us

This project is supported by crypto enthusiasts and other people who give a shit about blockchain and open technologies. We believe in decentralisation and that technology will help make our future better and governments more transparent while reducing corruption and all that other stuff too.

But we can't stand idly by in the face of what is happening at the moment. The industry is expanding like a bubble pumped full of speculative money as fraudsters profit from unsuspecting investors. More than 90% of the projects raising millions of dollars will never be launched.

On the one hand, we fully support the free market, but we can't sit on our hands while hundreds of fraudsters and crooks destroy the industry we love either.


  • The team chooses the projects, cryptos and ICOs that it considers important to discuss with the public.
  • If a project seems interesting to anyone in the team, we'll probably cover it. But we are physically unable to write about everything. This takes time and it's not our everyday job.
  • If you want to criticise the team for writing about Project A and not Project B, do us a favour and fuck off.
  • If you have anything to say about Project B, you can always send us some information about it or even a complete overview. Anonymously. We'll post it if we deem the information worthy.

Email: [email protected]

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