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Talentico. The son of the USSR hockey legend runs a 70 million bucks scam


The project declares as MVP the electronic music festival that was canceled.

Many earthlings would like to be producers: to create Oscar-winning movies, cast stars for the show business and sports, harass women. For a couple of years now, the underdog Blockchain projects were trying to play on this ambitiously dreamy note. Globatalent, Tokenstars, and other fraudsters attracted celebrities and tried to get all the money in the world. But so far have just failed.

We hope that it won’t work with Talentico whose sales begin on December 18. The guys want to collect 70 million dollars. For the glory hole, oh, sorry, the glory space. One thousand square meters of coworkings, recording studios and all kinds of reality shows in every fucking megapolis of the world! And only those special ones who own Talent tokens will be able to use those things.

In addition, headhunters will find potential talents for a reward. HODLERS Talent tokens — to vote for investments in the project. The goal is for the future Ronaldos, Nadals, and Rihannas to give the part of the sponsorship contracts and prize money to their business angels.

The guys are releasing token on Ethereum. But they don’t really like Vitalik’s Blockchain. Therefore, they plan to make it hardfork.

They are very confident people, tho. It turns out they don’t even need MVP.

After all, MVP is ain’t no shit, and the electronic music festival — is so cool. Yeah, especially when it is so fucking awesome that it was canceled🙂

The team is so huge they had to give away a quarter of all tokens (about $ 30 million). This looks more like a party of homies, rather than a Blockchain startup.

There’s a lot of questions to its team line-up. The Talentico’s CEO – Alexander Kharlamov, the son of the famous Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov. He also played (not very successfully), then worked in the trade union of hockey players of Russia and starred in the popular local TV show “The Battle of Psychics.” Among the advisors, there is the Olympic champion in Greek-Roman wrestling and the political ally of Vladimir Putin, Alexander Karelin, as well as singers, DJs, football players, boxers and pensioners. Almost all of them — with Georgian roots. There are no Blockchain experts — the classic case of talking heads. All they want is to chat on smoke breaks and be seen on the website to attract more money. It is hard to imagine that in our bearish time someone would buy this story.

It is hilarious that shit-adviser Hossain doesn’t believe in Talentico. And they call him not-an-actual-expert in response. Same shit, different day 🙂

And here is their gorgeous explanation why there’s the necessity of the Talent token. Because you’re not allowed on the festival with BTCs, Ethereums, or bucks. Maybe because of this the latter didn’t take place? Cryptowales came and banned everyone from entering? 

The roadmap is pretty simple like Nickelback lyrics. It is unclear why the platform will be created after the opening of the first Gloryspace. Who will vote in this case? By the way, the building will be named in honor of Joseph Kobzon, the Russian Frank Sinatra, who allegedly had links with mafia. He was also in the Talentico team but recently died.

The idea, the people, the calculations, the rationality of running a new token and Blockchain doesn’t withstand any criticism must be sent to hell. That’s right, tell it to those who will promote this shit without a shame. And they will, for sure. When you engage so many people with names to the project, you need to return the spendings any way possible. And here, just like in Hold’em, you won’t stop halfway.

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In blockchain we trust!

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