Spenderman. How to blow 200 million of investor money on Messi, Golovkin and real estate


Sharing with you the story of an Israeli crypto-entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg who have found and buried Stox and Sirin Labs.

Have you ever heard of Finney smartphone? That one on the blockchain that encrypts all of your messages and is a secure wallet for storing the crypto itself. I, myself, didn’t try it – skimped 999 bucks and bet them on Rams. And I’m not sad about it. The chart shows that there are way more loser people in the world.

Sirin Labs startup, the producer of Finney smartphone, collected more than $ 150 million during the ICO. In January 2018, the SRN token cost $ 3.44, and the company’s capitalization was 340.5 million bucks.

A year has passed, and we are talking about $ 0.03 and 15 million, respectively. CEO and co-founder of the company, Moshe Hogeg, stated that they will shift their ground from smartphone manufacturing to software developing. And they can’t keep the team for longer than a year.

Definitely,  bear market hit a lot of people. But I can’t bring myself to blame on it the failures of the Israeli-Swiss startup. And that is why.

First of all, a single post on Instagram by Lionel Messi is estimated at 500,000 bucks. But they decided that an Argentine footballer for Sirin Labs wasn’t enough so they brought Gennady Golovkin.

Former world middleweight champion earns on advertising about 550,000 dollars a year. Therefore, Sirin Labs could get it comparatively cheap, for 100 or 200,000. Although, most likely that two of them cost them more than a million bucks. Because they were not only serving faces for the photo shoots but also attend the conferences.

Moshe Hogeg believes that there is nothing wrong with that. And this should be new marketing.

You thought that Crypto and Blockchain are anarchy, brains, and code. But hell no, it’s the same fucking Gomezes and Kardashians. They just have the new vocabulary and Consensus instead of MTV Music Awards.

Secondly, Moshe Hogeg has already launched the Stox startup ICO. Let him say that he is just an investor no one believes it. The situation with this prediction platform amazingly similar to Sirin Labs. Capitalization dropped to 900,000 bucks.

Although when investors gave money (we’re talking about more than 35 million dollars) startupers also painted the town red. And, oh dear God, the process was also promoted by football players and boxers. Messi’s teammate from “Barcelona” Luis Suarez (Instagram post is estimated at 200,000 bucks).



And invincible Floyd Mayweather Jr. In this case, we can talk about at least $ 100,000. That’s how much the scammers from Centra Tech gave the boxer.

Thirdly, this is Moshe Hogeg.

The entrepreneur was born in a family of the officer who worked in the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He didn’t pass the exam for the school-leaving certificate. For seven years he served in the army as a dog trainer. And then found himself in the business. Before the Blockchain boom, Hogeg had two high-profile startups, Web2Sport and Mobil. Both shined brightly but just as quickly faded away. The launching platform for Moshe’s new breakthrough was the merger of Invest.com and AnyOption. Thus, he earned money and credibility. Because AnyOption was a popular binary options service in Israel.

Now he is suing AnyOption shareholders that were ditched during the merger, and Chinese investor Zhewen Hu (invested 3.8 million bucks in Stox).

At the same time, Hogeg behaves like Pablo Escobar. He spent $19 million on real estate in Israel, $7.2 million on Beitar (Jerusalem) football club, and $1.9 million on Tel Aviv University that will name a research center after his name.

Recently, anonymous scammers punished Moshe for his fraud. He received an offer to buy Crypt Grin at a promising rate. But in the result, spent a significant amount of Bitcoins and had nothing in return. A classic Telegram fraud.

Probably in this article should be some moral. Blockchain, unfortunately, didn’t change the world yet, didn’t change people, didn’t calm down their blind thirst for profit, and spending money on things that are not necessary for life. And anyone can cheat here. Even a startuper whose projects collect hundreds of millions and is promoted by celebrities. 

But to make it right is up to us. That is why let’s not relax and work together on a brighter future. Don’t be like Moshe. 

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