VenusEnergy IEO. 34 million bucks on another scam-eco-mining


Hello, hommies! I have bad news for you. It seems like the scammers have  started their activity with IEO. We warned you about this. But couldn’t even think that it will escalate so quickly.


Although, it is reasonable. BTC and the whole crypto thing are growing, IEO is becoming more and more popular what makes us remember the first months of ICO. And investors are driven by two forces: the desire to make money (see how many Xs Fetch.AI did?) And a trusting feeling for the exchanges (their reputation is more important than fucking with me).


But it’s a mistake. Please, remember today’s lesson and don’t do stupid moves.


Yes, there are not so many IEOs for now. But even small exchanges without reputation and a name, like ExMarkets, already conduct them. This new company is registered in the British Virgin Islands, and so far it can brag about daily tradings of about 600-700 thousand bucks. In general, this is far beyond the top 100.


But that’s not the case here. Now the exchange is conducting an IEO of VenusEnergy scam project that wants to raise 34 million bucks of investors’ money. And this is an obvious danger for investors. They didn’t really read about the stock exchange, didn’t examine the whitepaper of a startup, and threw vested BTCs and ETHs for the Xs. And then, happy scammers will leave at sunset.  


Why VenusEnergy is a scam?


  1. Because with this idea ( it’s a sharing of computing power that is extracted with the help of renewable energy) only scams come to the sale. Good examples are Swiss Alps Mining and Togacoin.
  2. Because 70% of the project’s whitepaper is pure populism about how you can make money on the crypto and the horrors of the greenhouse effect.
  3. Because 70% of the project’s whitepaper is pure populism about how you can make money on the crypto and the horrors of the greenhouse effect.
  4. Because with analytics like their’s, the guys need not to create a startup for tons of money, but to try to get into college.

  1. Because their business model is entirely based on the wind. LOL

  1. Because the guys entered into the general account the money for bounty. What the fuck is this shit? If you have such a lit project give bounty hunters your token.

  2. Because they failed ICO. And then decided to use the IEO hype.

  3. Because their Instagram is a collection of stock images.

  4. Because CEO Arnoldas Belozaravičius and COO Valdas Lukauskas, judging by Linkedin, didn’t work anywhere before, and Facebook shows that Arnoldas also loves to puff some weed.

Valdas prefers Judaism and twins. Both have not a single mention of VenusEnergy in the feed.

Okay, even after not a very serious examination it is obvious that this project is a scam and bullshit. The guys set a fucking goal in an over 30 million bucks, fucked up massively with the presentation of information, failed the ICO, and now consider IEO as the last resort.

Don’t let make fool of yourself: think about IEO startups same as you felt about ICO.

Investing in a scam – a shitton of money. Subscribing to Shitcoinoffering – priceless.

In Blockchain we trust!

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