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Togacoin ICO. Is it a Canary mining dream?

These frauds talk about cheap and ecological mining, accept any type of crypto currency, promise to make 7x in 3 years and each week they pay hodlers as a reward. All of this for 80 million dollars for a sale that will last a year.

Hello to one and all! We would like to present our new friend and colleague, who drew our attention to an ICO project Togacoin.

We rolled up our sleeves, put on our thinking caps and excitedly began to research this project. But our scam-detector went off even before we got to the whitepaper. Here’s why.

Pretty soon we’re all gonna get a fever just by reading these words. Swiss Alps Mining, Securix and now Togacoin. Everyone is reassuring that they will succeed with with the help of “green energy”. But these are just words. “Green” trains are roaming the Netherlands without any ICOs. And wannabe miners are just jumping the bandwagon and are trying to screw over naive guys and tree huggers.

The legend has it that in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) there’s a lot of sun, wind and appealing tax benefits all year long. That’s why Togacoin founders will build a huge farm, that will mine crypto by using wind energy and solar power.

Specially made for Sim City lovers. What kind of video is this anyways? In my childhood I built things that were way more interesting. Guys, where’s the Jacuzzi?

The pre-sale price for 1 TGA coin is $0,45, now it costs $0,75, and ultimately the price will increase up to 1 dollar. Now pay attention! The sale began on July 4th and will end on May 1st of next year. Are you kidding me? Here we are, bitching people that can’t manage to sell everything in a few months, but Togacoin’s process lasts for a whole fucking year! How may investors will make it to the finale?

Btw, they accept almost everything. It’s the first time I see something like this. Is it even legal?

At least the calculator (oh how I love “imagine yourself being a millionaire” revenue calculators) counts investments and profit only in dollars 🙁

It’s that easy to make 7x just in 3 years! Awesome, isn’t it?

Actually, at this point the jigsaw had fallen into place. 15 payments to hodlers for reaching a milestone soft cap? What kind of sorcery is this? You’ve been reading too many George C. Parker memories. It looks like a giant mindfuck.

The founders didn’t put much thought into allocating the funds. Development, administration and marketing don’t count as project realization? Wow, thanks for this eye-opening revelation! We need to go make some memes now 🙂

They want to issue at most 120 million tokens. If they will be sold during all phases of the sale, they will make about 80 million dollars. Not bad for some Italian nonames, who are attempting to build a super profitable eco-mining farm on the Canary Islands.

Btw, we haven’t mentioned anything about the team yet. The startup has 4 co-founders. Almost like HOQU 🙂

Two of them are working for a service that helps create websites Misterdomain (judging from this source, it’s kinda so-so). The third one doesn’t give a fuck about his LInkedin. The fourth one represents Dead Poet Society. I’m kidding, he’s just the namesake of an Italian poet, who died on a quiet night in 1974.

We couldn’t find anything about blockchain, mining or green energy in their CVs.

We accidentally found the slogan for their project in their Telegram chat. How to earn bitcoin in this group? 🙂

We’re gonna stop here. Don’t give a penny to this scammers and warn your friends too. Read, love and subscribe to our social media pages.

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In Blockchain we trust!

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