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Scam STO Faba Invest. Lenka Love riding a unicorn


The hottest Shitcoinoffering investigation. All possible tools used: Google maps, British lawyers and cheeky Instagram.


Did we already explain why you shouldn’t believe a cryptocurrency startup just because they called themselves an STO? Oh, right, we did when told you about Bolton Coin. By the way, those guys took our article very negatively and demand to remove it. Of course, we won’t do it. After all, they can’t even explain why they are an STO that recognizes SEC. And what is their difference from the common scam ICO?


Well, fuck them. There’re other adventurers on today’s agenda, Faba Invest. For those who are too lazy to read the article in full, we responsibly declare: these startupers are flunkeys who were too lazy to make their fake more or less attractive. Whitepaper is on the level of the student’s presentation, an idiotic idea, there is no need for a Blockchain, but they want to collect 67.5 million bucks. But we will try to enlighten the cryptocats so they won’t give them a cent.

The idea of ​​Faba is to create a collective venture fund. Kind of, we chip in Ethereum and buy Faba tokens. And the founders of the project withdrawal ETH in Fiat and invest in other startups.

In which startups they invest decide all major owners of Faba tokens. 40% of all tokens are in the hands of team members. That is why the story with voting doesn’t look legit. Here are the expectations:

And here is the reality. At the moment, the guys assure that they have invested in six projects:

Two of them are ICO, the third sells Nutra, the fourth – shrooms, the fifth – medication for baldness, the sixth produces hydrogen and renewable resources. The amount of investment is unknown. But it is unlikely large. After all, the next Faba sale will begin on March 1 and the founders have no fucking idea how much money they will collect. Otherwise, they wouldn’t write Soft Cap of 4 million bucks. By the way, how do you like the abyss in 63.5 million between goals? These shitinvestors are so experienced strategists that they are trying to shot in the dark.

The expected profit for the owners of security Faba tokens is also different. But it is very optimistic:

It is so fun to look at the expectations of investing in the future unicorn. Just imagine a picture of how joyful Satoshi and Buterin are riding a rainbow 🙂


Faba Invest doesn’t undertake any obligations to investors. The USA and China are out of the list of potential lucky investors. Legally the company is located in London.

In addition to Faba Invest and Unique Casino, there are 270 companies registered in this building. I wonder how they all fit in there?

In the UK, Faba is registered by Connexion Capital. And, most recently. Just in time for the sale.

The website of Connexion Capital is registered in Sweden for a US company.

And Faba is Czech or Swiss.

But, most likely, the Czechs. At least, the company’s mentor with the name of a pornstar is from here.

Here is her Instagram. Will be useful in case of insomnia.

It would be cool if she will answer the questions of Icobench experts because the CTO of Faba Invest Alexander Nakonechny is unable to cope with this task.

What can you do? Judging by LinkedIn, the guy didn’t work anywhere before Faba. He was an independent business advisor.

The project’s CEO is Robert Fiocius. In addition to Faba, he works at Boston Capital Services (not to be confused with Boston Capital – these are different companies) and DIC Development. Therefore, we can assume that he is just a waxwork. They invited him to the project for the money in exchange for showing up at the right places. But it doesn’t look that cool. You have a startup for over 60 million bucks, and your CEO has two more jobs.

But there is no MVP, and he won’t appear in the near future.

The recent Airdrop made Telegram chat quite popular.

Summarizing all the above:

    • – Faba invest 100% does not meet SEC requirements for STO
    • – Experience and skills of team members are questionable
    • – The blockchain is only needed here to raise funds during the sale
    • – Registration, geographical and other company info in various sources differ 
    • – The business concept of the project doesn’t base on anything, as well as the expected profit for investors.

Dear cryptocats, write in the comments what you think about Faba Invest and our investigation. Together we will win.

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In Blockchain we trust!

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