Iron Code. What would the cryptocurrencies’ doublegangers be in “Game of Thrones”?


Satoshi harnesses dragons, Lannisters embezzle 80% of coins, while Ver and Wright scuffle for the Greyjoys heritage.

Bitcoin (BTC) ‒ House Targaryen

In 2008 Aegon I (Satoshi Nakamoto) started a War of Conquest against the crooked banking system & sketchy bureaucracy with the help of three dragons and a single whitepaper. His struggles were successful, and two Papa John’s pizzas are its best evidence. The House was growing as the number of Satoshi’s followers and enviers was increasing. His every single step was followed by their reminders about Silk Road, hackers’ thefts, and low transaction speed. But the fuse already caught fire, and Targaryens against all the odds became №1 among all Seven Kingdoms (and still are).

Ethereum (ETH) ‒ House Stark

Starks are strong warriors and honorable people, which doesn’t come into collision with their inborn stubbornness. If Jon Snow (Vitalik Buterin) thinks that the person is a fraud, and a decentralized exchange should burn in hell, then that’s exactly what you’re going to hear from him. Detractors predict Starks an awful future while arranging them “red weddings” like the DAO knockover and smaller calamities, but they find their ways up to the top or die trying.

Ripple (XRP) ‒ House Lannister

Three facts about Lannisters: they have outrageous amounts of money, they always pay their debts, and they hold 80% of their coins in their vault. They have a fantastic talent to find common ground with Iron Bank of Braavos, Banco Santander in Spain, MoneyGram in the USA, and do that all at once. Still, Lannisters aren’t the crowd pullers ‒ something sly and wily in their nature makes other people shy away. But they don’t care anyways: XRP is rather about fintech than cryptocurrency, they say. These juggles were one of the main reasons why Jaime Lannister (Jed McCaleb) left his beloved project.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ‒ House Greyjoy

Steal, rape, burn, kill ‒ that’s the main motto of Greyjoys. Therefore, there’s no big surprise in the fact that they’re ready to rip each other’s throats in order to catch the bonne bouche. As an illustration, we just recently saw the drastic encounters between ex-allies, almost brothers Roger Ver and Jihan Wu from one side, and Crag Wright & Calvin Ayre from another. Thanks to their inner quarrels not only the BCH rate hit rock bottom, but the whole market is still rubbing through its not-so-good times.

Litecoin (LTC) ‒ House Baratheon

The era of prosperity for the House started when Orys Baratheon (Charlie Lee) became the prime general of Aegon I Targaryen. He took the primal code from Aegon and made a similar currency ‒ but with a faster transaction speed. Some critics say that this is the one and only advantage of Litecoin. However, this spring the currency doubled in price and has all the chances to do the same soon, because in next to no time the reward for each block will drop from 25 to 12.5 LTC. Maybe, that’s what will cause Robert’s uprising in our alternative universe? 😉

EOS (EOS) ‒ House Martell

Dorne is ‒ and always was ‒ a cradle of democracy. It is a single place where women are able to become knights or inherit the crown. In order to make a kingdom-scale resolution each habitant of Dorne (even the poorest churl) has to choose his 21 block producer, whereas each of them will create 12 blocks per round. There are lots of talks about Martells ‒ some say they’re planning to replace Starks, edge out Targaryens on their (for now) Iron Tron, befool all Seven Kingdoms and scurry away beyond the Narrow Sea. As for now, they are the society’s favorites, and the rest we’ll see in time.

Binance COIN (BNB) ‒ House Tyrell

“I’ve known a great many clever men. I’ve outlived them all” ‒ tells us Olenna Tyrell (Changpeng Zhao), and we can’t but agree with the truth behind those words. Indeed, is there any need to enter the field of technological competitions and rivalry, when some money and a drip of cunning is all it takes for the House to thrive? Yet, even Tyrells aren’t entirely unfamiliar with conflicts. They earned public respect, as well as a few extra peaks to the BNB rate after their “persistent campaign” against Craig Wright. However, don’t be fooled ‒ the next day the volatile nature of Tyrells might backfire on you.

Tether (USDT) ‒ The Iron Bank of Braavos

Traders, who were lucky enough to escape from the Valyrian slaveholders, found a godforsaken iron mine, installed a massive iron door, and started to lend coins to everyone who’ll ask. But the great Iron Door might soon serve the quite opposing needs by protecting the indebted owners from the unruly crowd of users. BitMEX used 850 million USDT to cover up the losses, which resulted in stablecoin being covered by the fiat money only for 75%. That’s the way the Valar Dohaerises, boys and girls.

Stellar (XLM) – House Arryn

“As high as honor” is told about the family, which lives in the Eyrie. Wise Jon Arryn (Joyce Kim) is the greatest apostle of peace among all the Westeros Houses. To put the words into action, he helps rivals with fast and simple currencies exchange. On behalf of Arryns’ nobility states the fact that no other than Jaime Lannister (Jed McCaleb) recently joined the House. And Jaime by himself is almost saintlike in the eyes of cryptoworld.

Cardano (ADA) ‒ House Tully

Tullys joined the War of Conquest on the Aegon’s side, and thanks to their farsightedness the House earned the title “Lords of Riverrun.” The head of The House, Hoster Tully (Charles Hoskinson), conveniently married all of his daughters, thereby scraped up a fortune. But that’s when the well being of the family started to decay. The House of Tully still comes into the top ten Great Houses of Westeros, but the opponents already look over its shoulder.

TRON (TRX) — White Walkers

As legends say, the white walkers were created by the Children of Forest (rich celestials). Their magic allows them to bring back the dead, just like it happened with BitTorrent. They don’t sleep or feel tiredness and could be massively met on Twitter, where they dog their day-and-night watch. Night’s Watch witnesses state that their course lies somewhere far away from the Great Houses of Westeros. Still, there is always a possibility that the Night King (Justin Sun) will rustle up with an ice dragon of some kind and quickly breach the Wall. Vitalik Snow stands guard on the safety of cryptoworld and warns us about the impending danger approaching from where we don’t expect it.

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