How is it going for crypto stock exchanges’ tokens? Infographics


Did you know that KuCoin was more expensive than Binance, and promoted by Django Unchained Cobinhood is barely alive?


Last week, Binance launched a testnet for a decentralized exchange. The basis of DEX is the Blockchain Binance Chain. CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said that the transactions in the new Blockchain are instantaneous, and the generation of the block takes no more than a second.


The market reacted instantly. Token Binance – BNB jumped in price and steadily established itself in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. We regretted that so far we have not invested all BTC in BNB and decided to check whether all stock exchange tokens can be a good investment. The correct answer is no 🙂


To get it, we marked the maximum and minimum of capitalization and cost of the token. And then calculated how many percents was eaten a bear market.


But first, Coinmarketcap charts to visually define the current state of affairs. Enjoy!

Interesting facts:


KuCoin was the most powerful stock token for price and capitalization. But the company’s constant fuck ups and the listing of Shitcoins led to the fact that it dropped out of the Top 3.


Jamie Foxx knows how to break free from slavery and shoot plantation owners. But even he is beyond the reach to save Cobinhood, that he used to promote, from screwing up. The guys had a fall of the token by 99%!


No matter how LAtoken pumped another’s and their coins on the stock exchange the guys couldn’t do nothing with -97%. Which again proves that on some pampas you will not go far. Need a good product.


The stability of Bit-Z coin is due to its short history (since last August). And the fact that it didn’t become the part of a bull market. On the other hand, it didn’t really help much BitMart. Therefore, we can assume that the exchange is not bad.


Huobi and Cryptonex have lost a lot, but their current value and capitalization make the future look optimistic.


Binance – top notch! You can scale, develop, and grow even on a bear market. And this is a great example for the others. That is why, cryptocats, don’t be sad and work hard.


Share your thoughts about investing in crypto stock exchanges in the comments and in out Telegram chat. Will discuss, hug, and raise Blockchain.

Investing in a scam – a shitton of money. Subscribing to Shitcoinoffering – priceless.

In Blockchain we trust!

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