A fake shitty twitting on such a winter`s day


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Where did cryptocats spend more than 25 million dollars ?


The cryptolosers’ times seems to be gone along with the bull market. Many of them have jumped off and returned to everyday activities like online casinos and sports betting.


Those who stayed, look adequately at their cryptocurrency portfolios and don’t chase easy money in the form of some giveaways or other bullshit. Let’s just remember in one picture how the scammers have hit lemmings up for cash with fake cryptocelebrities’ accounts and popular websites’ twins. Cry, laugh and live on. With dignity.


Fake MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto $7 570 000

Fake Ver $6 000 000

Fake Telegram ICO $5 100 000

Fake Buterin, Zhao, McAfee $4 200 000

Fake Seele ICO  $1 900 000

Fake Durov $500 000

Fake Musk $137 000

Fake Bitfinex $31 000

Fake Sun $30 000


Total: $25 468 000


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